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SONAbeam E Series

The SONAbeam E Series is an FCC unlicensed Gigabit optical link that works well at mid-range distances. It’s compact, yet rugged aluminum housing is equally at home outdoors in challenging weather as it is indoors operating through a window. The SONAbeam E can be easily transported to installation sites making it ideal for situations that require rapid deployment. The E can be ordered as a Flyaway kit complete with carbon-fiber tripods and water-tight carrying cases, ideal for disaster recovery operations.

Data Rate:  1.25 Gbps Full Duplex 
Distance: 20 – 2500 meters
# of lasers:  double transmitter 
Light spectrum:    invisible 1550 nm optical signal
FCC approval:  No FCC fee required
Interfaces: RJ-45 (100/1000 Base TX); MM/SM Fiber SFP (1000Base-SX/LX)
Power:  -48 VDC (-40V to -57 V); or 100-240 VAC


  • License free operation in the U.S.
  • Highly secure, narrow antenna beam widths
  • Interference-free operation, enabling high-density deployments
  • Full rate, full duplex, Gigabit Ethernet operation
  • Low latency for fiber-equivalent performance
  • Forward Error Correction yields maximum link range


  • Rigorous HALT/HASS testing
  • Up to 99.999% availability


  • Connects directly to standard network equipment
  • All-outdoor, compact design
  • PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at with power boost)
  • Rapid & flexible deployment
  • Embedded web and SNMP based network management agent


  • Point-to-point
  • Hot standby
  • Multi-hop/repeater
  • Hub-and-spoke
  • Ring
  • Mesh

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