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Hybrid Links

Hybrid GigE Free-Space Optics + GigE 80GHz Licensed RF


A few hundred years ago, they built a lot of stuff out of iron. Strong, but brittle.

Someone came up with alloying it with a little molybdenum or nickel, added a little carbon; and voilà: steel was invented. Strong, flexible, amazing.

Free-Space Optics does full duplex GigE and penetrates rain well.

          80GHz RF does full duplex GigE and penetrates fog well.

    “Alloy” the two and you obtain full duplex GigE and penetrate rain and fog.
Even better, a fully redundant link that never goes down!

There are, however; some critical equipment functionality requirements to achieve optimal results when doing hybrids.

Wouldn’t a model-neutral, field experienced recommendation come in handy?

That’s why BluTec Systems is here.  To serve you when you need us.

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