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WiFi vs. Full Duplex

First off, there is no “silver bullet” when it comes to point-to-point connectivity. All options have advantages and disadvantages. All.

1. Fiber.  IF…you have no budget constraints. IF…you have no time constraints. NOR…any physical constraints (lake/roadway/high-rises)…then, trenched fiber is hard to beat.
2. Leased line.  As long as the line already runs into your building, a reasonable option.  But if not, watch out for the one-time build-out costs (often $$$$$).  And then add those pesky monthly bills…  
3. Full Duplex Fixed Wireless – FCC unlicensed FSO, 60GHz, FCC “licensed lite” 70 and 80GHz, and full FCC microwave licensed 18/23/24GHz links provide:

  • True Full Duplex connections.
  • Extremely low latency
  • Available 256Bit AES wirespeed gigabit encryption
  • Available AdaptPath for integrated redundancy
  • Available AdaptRate for increased availability in poor weather conditions

4. WiFi. 802.11a.b,g,n…2.4 and 5.8GHz – Low GHz level links that operate at a spectrum like many of your in-home devices such as wireless routers, iPads, streaming video players, VOIP phones, etc.  Most WiFi options are available for just a few hundred dollars.  If your application is just a few PC’s across the street and latency or security aren’t big issues, WiFi may well be your best choice.

But just remember, all of those in-home devices are competing for the same airspace you are trying to plow through…all on the same frequencies…intermixing in the air.  In populated areas, this can quickly become problematic as congested signals lead to ‘interference’ and loss of secure transmission.

Finally, WiFi uses TDM (time division multiplexing) which means it only supports a “one way street” that has to change directions before traffic can go back the other way.


…the true Full Duplex technology of 18-80 GHz FCC licensed and unlicensed RF links.

Think one-way congested street vs. a 4-lane high speed freeway!

BluTec Systems doesn’t deploy 802.11 TDM WiFi technologies. We discontinued doing them ten years ago in part due to the issues they present, and also because you can just purchase them online, and easily self-deploy…you don’t need us and we can’t really be of any value to you.

However, if you do need a reliable full duplex, high throughput, secure, low latency solution, wouldn’t a model-neutral, field experienced recommendation come in handy?

That’s why BluTec Systems is here. To serve you when you need us.

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